American Standard 2435.012.020 Colony Review

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Over the years, the American Standard brand has been considered by many people in the U.S. and across the globe because it has a complete line of chinaware that features a fine-fire clay or vitreous china. From a high performing toilet to a classy and sophisticated designed toilet, they have always delivered a product that people appreciate.
One of their top models is the American Standard 2435.012.020 Colony for a great taste for style and comfort because it strikes a perfect balance amongst the Enfield Bathroom Faucet Collection from American Standard with its precise, pure, dignified and simplified make. For more go to

American Standard 2435.012.020 Colony Main Specifications – Best Toilet

Since the beginning of time, American Standard models have been highly desirable by residential owners as well as building contractors for toilet replacements.

The American Standard 2435.012.020 Colony features technical specifications that you wouldn’t find with any other toilet brand, such as the following:

• White finish toilet

• Elongated Siphon Action Jetted Bowl

• 14 1/2 inch rim height

• 12inch rough-in

• 2inch fully glazed trap-way

• Pilot Valve Water Control

• 9inch x 8inch water surface perimeter area

• Closed coupled tank

• Flat tank lid

• 2inch Flapper Flush Valve

• Sanitary bar with 3-point tank stabilization

• Two color matched bolt caps

Pros of the American Standard 2435.012.020 Colony – Best Toilet

• Affordable low flow toilet model

• Easy installation even for homeowners who previously had a standard-sized toilet

• Great flushing action

Cons of the American Standard 2435.012.020 Colony – Best Toilet

• Slightly noisy flushing action

• Seat not included upon purchase

• Bolt covers and wax ring not included in the package

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Summary of Feedback – Best Toilet

The American Standard 2435.012.020 Colony stands out in its class for affordable and quality toilets; in fact, commercial and residential owners praise this toilet for its performance and affordability. On the other hand, some reported displeasure or discomfort in the slight noise of its flush.

Who Should Buy the American Standard 2435.012.020 Colony? – Best Toilet

When you’re looking to buy a new toilet to have your old toilet replaced but price matters for you, then the American Standard 2435.012.020 Colony may be the one for you. No matter where in your house, condominium unit or building you are looking to get it installed, it shouldn’t be a problem at all. Even if you have kids, clogging will also not become an issue with this model.

Conclusion and Recommendations – Best Toilet

With all the praises that the American Standard 2435.012.020 Colony has been receiving, there is no doubt that it is one of the best toilets on the market today due to its outstanding design and built to fit any space. Overall, this toilet may be the toilet for you if you are looking for affordability, design and function in one.