Choosing the Correct Bathroom Vanity Mirror

Bathroom vanity mirrors are a fantastic choice of mirror as they are perfect for the many beauty tasks that are often carried out in the bathroom.  From shaving to eyebrow trimming, the best makeup mirror should be able to aid with these perfectly.

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One of the major points to consider when purchasing a vanity mirror for the bathroom is the size.  Although large sizes are available, the smaller sizes are regularly considered to be the best.  Between 6 and 8 inches wide, these mirrors allow for the utmost flexibility when carrying out all tasks and make maneuverability extremely easy.

Further to the size, the fixings that are supplied are one of the most valuable points to note.  As a large amount of bathrooms have tiled walls, the mirror should be able to be easily fixed to them and all of the necessary parts should be supplied.  Furthermore, the weight of the mirror should be considered as mirrors that are too large or heavy may cause problems with the fixings or – although it is rare – the wall itself.

Many modern day mirrors are being manufactured and sold as steam proof.  This is a fantastic quality for any bathroom mirror and as it is growing in popularity, the price is falling considerably.  The idea behind a steam proof mirror is that it can be used immediately after a shower or bath, unlike a large amount of bathroom mirrors that have to wait until the bathroom has cleared of any steam to be used effectively.

The maneuverability of the mirror can often be a selling point for many.  Available on many vanity mirrors, a rotating mirror for a bathroom is a fantastic asset as it allows the mirror to be moved to the most suitable position when being used.  This is extremely useful when shaving, as the mirror can be maneuvered so the full face can be viewed easily, as well as being able to me moved out of the reflection of any light which can often obscure the view in the mirror.  Furthermore, most rotating mirrors actually have two mirrors – a standard mirror on one side and a larger reflection mirror on the reverse.  Although not used on a daily basis, the larger reflection mirror allows for the user of the mirror to carry out close up tasks, such as eyelash curling or specific shaving, much easier, as they can see more of the area that is being used.