Under Armour F3 Full Finger gloves tested

Another day,  best youth goalkeeper gloves to test. There are less than two months left until football becomes the center of the universe again. It is a great time to pick up some cheap gear that is either on sale because new models are coming on the market, or because the stock isn’t selling as well during the summer. Whatever the case, we are here to test the gloves and let you know if they are worth spending your hard earned money on.

Since more and more Quarterbacks are wearing gloves while throwing, we have decided to test the gloves for throwing as well as catching.  We utilized the same testing process, but we cut then process in half and did half of the throws with the gloves, and half without.  This is going to make our testing more expensive because we had to get two pairs of the gloves for the tests.  The site was made because I wanted to provide a resource for glove research. If anyone out there works for a major glove company, like Under Armour, Nike, Riddell, Adidas, or Cutters and wants to send me free samples, I would love to test them and give you feedback.Under Armour has established themselves as a force to be reconned with in the Football industry.  They hold a lot of street cred these days when it comes to what is cool in terms of what young players want to wear. They have picked up more and more NFL players who have switched from other gloves to Under Armour.  Tom Brady wears Under Armour gloves when he has to throw in the cold. So they have to perform because the “tuck” rule won’t always help if you fumble the ball!

Back to the F3 Tests.  The gloves are very comfortable.  They are very form fitting and feel extremely tacky when we first put them on.  There GrabTack surface to supposed to be scientifically proven to be very sticky. They seem to be.  I have read online reviews and a few people have claimed that the tack wears off quickly.  I’ve noticed the same thing for several other gloves as well. I think the materials are so tacky in the beginning, that it is impossible to keep them that way for long.  The standards have been set so high, that it is hard to maintain.  As I have stated before, we won’t be testing the long term durability of gloves at this time. The gloves are new and they are sticky. Plus, Under Armour has a pretty solid return policy.  They want you to be 100% satisfied, and if you’re not, you can return it for a full refund.